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Final episode of “JIN” scores 26.1% ratings

The two-hour final episode of the second “JIN” drama series aired on Sunday night. Viewers around the country tuned in to watch the ending, pushing the episode’s ratings to an average of 26.1% in the Kanto region. The episode reached its peak at 10:44pm, with ratings reaching 31.7%.

Previously, the highest ratings that “JIN” achieved was with its first season finale in 2009, at 25.3%. This second season also surpassed the first season in terms of the average ratings for the whole series, at 21.3% compared to 19.0%.

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Which season did you like better?

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Season 1
6 (9.5%)
Season 2
3 (4.8%)
30 (47.6%)
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11 (17.5%)
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13 (20.6%)

For each episode ratings of season 1 and 2 see:

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