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Akanishi Tour Canceled Due to Marriage/Baby Drama

Singer Jin Akanishi was supposed to make a grand return to Japan with seven arena shows following his five city North American tour, but those plans have all been canceled by his talent agency as punishment for his recent marriage/baby situation we previously reported on.

Remember this?

Akanishi and actress Meisa Kuroki (currently three months pregnant) handed in their marriage registration February 2nd. The pair did this without briefing their agencies, however, and Johnny and Associates (who also reps SMAP, Arashi, Sexy Zone, etc.) did not take kindly to this slight.

In fact, not only are the calling a full stop on his upcoming tour, but they are making him personally cover any related penalty fees. Tickets hadn't gone on sale yet for the April-May shows, but there is still the matter of the arena reservations, the cancellation fees of which could be pretty costly.

EDIT: more articles (somewhat same info)

source: Crunchyroll
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