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Yamashita Tomohisa with new flame, Abiru Yuu extremely unhappy

It was revealed that popular Johnny's Entertainment idol Yamashita Tomohisa is dating mixed-blood model Kagami Seira. This new relationship is quite sweet but has made his previous love Abiru Yuu unhappy.

Yamashita and his ex-girlfriend Abiru did not make a clean break previously and had been keeping a "not just friends but not yet a lover" relationship. That he found a new love had made Abiru extremely furious. The reason is that she is friends with Kagami and it was her who had previously introduced them to each other. Kagami had showed little interest in Yamashita but is now boasting about how smooth-sailing their relationship was. Abiru was mad at her stealing her love.

According to source, Kagami is a Canadian-Japanese mixed-blood. She takes on an active stance towards romance and does not refrain from intimate gestures in front of people. As for the heartthrob idol Yamashita, his new romance broke hearts of fans and there are worries that this might affect his popularity.

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source: asianfanatic
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