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Miyazaki Aoi & Husband Takaoka Sousuke still going strong

The Weekly Taishuu reports that actress Miyazaki Aoi (24) and her husband Takaoka Sousuke (28) have been spotted flirting in the public again. It all seems like all the bad rumors about Takaoka and the pressure from her agency don't really bother the married couple that much.

"Only a few days ago there was a couple all over each other in front of a station in Tokyo. I tried to see their faces and – wow, isn't that Miyazaki Aoi and Takaoka Sousuke?" A representative of a TV channel told the tabloid. You can't blame him for being surprised. There have been so many rumors about that couple being on the verge of a catastrophe.

Their bold actions are even more surprising, considering the rumor that her agency is completely against their relationship. An editor of a newspaper explains, "Takaoka showed off his new tattoo on his own blog, there were rumors about him with other women, even domestic violence and so on. He's an actor with a really mischievous image and that doesn't really go well with a pure image of someone like Miyazaki. Her agency even already suggested her to divorce him."

Divorce? That topic doesn't seem to be on the minds of Miyazaki and Takaoka at all. Instead there are more and more sightings of them being all lovey-dovey in public. "There is an Italian restaurant frequently visited by celebrities in the city and customers spotted the couple there as well. They have been flirting with each other and Miyazaki even fed him despite all the silently starring people around them. It's almost like they want to be seen together like that," a journalist for a woman magazine revealed.

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source: kawaii-joyuu
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