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Although he's best-known as the founder of Japan's biggest rock band X Japan, international icon Yoshiki is also a classically trained musician with impressive chops as a multi-instrumentalist and composer. He's finally set to show off his talent in this arena with the global release of his first classical-music album on September 24.
Intrigued? We at Yahoo Music are excited to offer the full stream of Yoshiki Classical for you to hear right now! This amazing set features collaborations between Yoshiki and legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tokyo City Philharmonic Symphony, and the Quartet San Francisco.

You can learn more about Yoshiki's endeavors into the classical world by visiting his official site: http://www.yoshiki.net/

LISTEN TO THE FULL ALBUM HERE!: http://music.yahoo.com/blogs/stop-the-presses/exclusive-hear-full-stream-first-classical-album-x-154709579.html

With a fame not limited to Asia, and a music surpassing banal genre, the rock band that inspired other talented and accomplished artists is making a comeback in a world stage. X Japan fans are sure to be both nostalgic and excited with the announcement of Yoshiki for another world tour.

“Recently I came to think I’ll start a new era of rock,” Yoshiki said at the conference held in Tokyo last month. It’d be no surprise to find discriminating fans of music approving his proposal, knowing that X Japan is peerless. “I was often told that people feel that my songs represent a fusion of the Eastern and Western worlds,” said Yoshiki, who has long been the main songwriter of X Japan. Still, the Chiba-born artist shows preference to Japanese style. “I’ve lived in the United States for a long time. But when I make a song without any constraint, my Japanese-taste melodies may come out.”

In the world of music, electronic dance music, or EDM, has been making trends. Having lived in Los Angeles for 20 years, the trend did not go unnoticed to the master multi-instrumentalist Yoshiki. “Last year, the United States also was virtually saturated with EDM. As I make EDM sounds for fun myself, I got stimulated by it,” he revealed. “But rock also has a human side, and has accidents and dramas in many senses,” Yoshiki added, showing that his love for rock music remains unwavering.

Since their reunion in 2007 and their world tour in 2011, X Japan have not yet released a new album. Although the group has already recorded and completed some new songs, the selection has not yet been finalized. “We’re living in a world of information overload, so we can’t just relax and listen to the music. It seems to me that we can’t do it for much more than about 30 minutes,” Yoshiki shared. He even admitted having no hesitation to “throw away completed songs.” The passionate musician, who was also commissioned to compose the 69th and 70th Golden Globe Awards themes, remains fastidious. “I hope you will hear only good songs.”

Referring to X Japan’s world tour, Yoshiki said, “We’ve yet to have influence overseas, but we want to go all-out for that goal. We’ll make next year’s tour thrilling.”

Source: http://japandailypress.com/x-japan-back-for-2nd-world-tour-yoshiki-to-start-a-new-era-of-rock-2631219 & http://the-japan-news.com/news/article/0000324188
29 June 2013 @ 06:55 pm

GACKT will be lending his voice to the Japanese version of the movie 'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D'.

As previously reported, GACKT is already involved with the movie as his new song, "CLAYMORE", was chosen as its image song. He will further contribute by providing the voice of one of the protagonists from the 'Silent Hill' game series.

SEE ALSO: GACKT's new song chosen as image song for Japanese version of 'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D'

GACKT commented on the tie-up, saying, "Through this tie-up, which shares a magical and gothic worldview, I hope that more people will come across my song and this movie."

'Silent Hill: Revelation 3D' will open in theaters nationwide on July 12th. Those who purchase advance tickets at the theater counter will receive a "welcome file" (clear file).

Sources: http://www.tokyohive.com/article/2013/06/gackt-to-voice-act-for-japanese-version-of-silent-hill-revelation-3d & http://natalie.mu/music/news/93870

Dedicate this to my pal squallina who loves these games. XD

GACKT looks so gorgeous! The tabloid rumors just haven't deterred him at all! :D
27 June 2013 @ 10:22 pm
Despite the tabloids rumors, GACKT seems to be doing really well with his sold out tour & many tv appearances.
He recently released two new PVs form his upcoming BEST of the BEST albums, Claymore & Sakura, Chiru....

CMs for BEST of the BEST albums & the Double Viewing of MOON SAGA play & BEST of the BEST tour.

Please check the sources if videos aren't working.

Sources: http://www.yinyuetai.com/video/692637, http://www.yinyuetai.com/video/692645, http://avex.jp/gackt/index.html, http://www.gackt.com/