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Golden Bomber tops Oricon weekly album chart for the first time

Visual-kei “air” band, Golden Bomber’s album “The Past Masters vol.1” (released on April 24th) sold 114,000 copies in the first week, and topped Oricon weekly album ranking. This marked their first-ever chart topping album since their debut back in May 2008. It seems like Golden Bomber continues to advance as they also topped weekly single ranking with “Dance My Generation” (released on January 1st 2013) for the first time.

With this album, Golden Bomber became the second artist from an indie label to top both weekly single and album rankings, since it has only previously been achieved by MONGOL800 (with album “MESSAGE” in September 2001, and single “Yorokobi no Uta” in December 2003).

The vocalist Kiryuin Sho left a comment saying, “Thank you everyone who purchased the CD. Continuing after our single in January, our album also topped in the first week…we are trembling at how powerful our agency is! We will continue doing our best. Ah, this time we topped without having a handshake event…(weeping for joy).”

Source: http://www.tokyohive.com/2013/04/golden-bomber-tops-oricon-weekly-album-chart-for-the-first-time/

Congrats to them! :D
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