May 11th, 2010

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The Brilliant Green Guitarist Quits

Guitarist Matsui Ryo (38, photo left) has quit the rock band The Brilliant Green. He made the sudden announcement yesterday on the group's official website, saying only that the decision was for "personal reasons." He addressed fans, saying, "I'm proud to have been a member of The Brilliant Green. I hope you will continue to support them." The band only recently moved to the Warner Music Japan label and got back to business for the first time in two years. They released the single "Like Yesterday" in February.

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source: JAPAN-ZONE
10th Doctor

Language sets high hurdle for caregiver candidates

Since the first batch of Indonesian nurses and caregivers arrived in 2008 under a new bilateral economic partnership agreement, 570 have come to Japan, as have 310 Filipinos under another EPA that took effect two years ago.

But just two Indonesians and one Filipino — out of 254 applicants — passed Japan's nursing qualification exam in February, becoming the first successful candidates to receive the right to work in this country indefinitely. While 89.5 percent of all exam-takers passed this year, the corresponding number for Indonesians and Filipinos was only 1.2 percent.

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Kimutaku's Tsuki no Koibito ~ Moon Lovers Reach 22.4% Ratings

From the popular idol group SMAP, Kimura Takuya's new Fuji Television Getsu9 drama, Tsuki no Koibito ~ Moon Lovers (9:00 p.m. ~ 10:09 p.m.) aired its first episode on the 10th. According to initial reports from video research, the average ratings reached 22.4% in the Kanto area. In Kansai the ratings were at 20.2%, while Nagoya was at 23.6%. At the highest, it peaked at 24.5% in the Kanto area.

Of the drama serials that are airing this spring, it surpassed ratings from Abe Hiroshi's detective drama, Shinzanmono (TBS), which originally had the highest ratings at 21.0%.

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Did you think the ratings would be higher?

yes, way higher
no that's just right
I thought they would be lower
maybe i expected a bit higher..
I don't know/don't care

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Kimura Takuya to star in 2 new CMs for TeaO, one to be in 1st in 3D

Asahi Soft Drinks has announced on Monday that 37-year-old SMAP band member Takuya Kimura (Howl's Moving Castle's Howl) is stepping into an anime world in two commercials for the new TeaO drink brand this week. One of the commercials is "KimuTaku's" first 3D commercial.

The 30-second "Cup Dance" commercial premiered on Japanese airwaves on Tuesday morning. In the commercial, Kimura becomes Tea-Ō, the king of black tea and dances with the animated characters of the Land of Black Tea (Kocha no Kuni).

Another commercial, "Episode Zero," will premiere in Japanese theaters in stereoscopic 3D on Saturday. It is slated to run for only two weeks. As in "Cup Dance," the 3D commercial features Tea-Ō and the animated characters of the Land of Black Tea.

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Norika Fujiwara chosen as the “2010 Zespri Kiwifruit Image Character”

Actress Norika Fujiwara, 38, has been chosen as the “2010 Zespri Kiwifruit Image Character.” Clad in a green and yellow kiwifruit-color costume, Fujiwara attended the campaign launch at Harajuku this week. “Kiwifruit is very healthy and enhances the beauty of women,” she said.

In the commercial, Fujiwara holds two green and gold types of kiwifruit, jumps on trampolines and goes into the water. The commercials were filmed in New Zealand where Fujiwara said she enjoyed picking the fruit herself.

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Hirosue, Suzuki, Nakama, Tanaka & Takeuchi at "Flowers" premiere

From left: Actresses Ryoko Hirosue, 29, Kyoka Suzuki, 41, Yukie Nakama, 30, Lena Tanaka, 29, and Yuko Takeuchi, 30, attend a premiere for their new movie “Flowers” at Tokyo International Forum. The movie tells the story of six women whose lives span a period of three generations from the 1930s to present-day Japan. It opens on June 12.

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If someone says "these are the last 5 dresses in the world" you must pick one..which one would you pick?

Ryoko Hirosue's
Kyoka Suzuki's
Yukie Nakama's
Lena Tanaka's
Yuko Takeuchi's
I would make my own out of tree leaves

source: JAPAN TODAY, Tokyograph(jan2010)
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My Name is Noda Manga Gets Live-Action TV Mini-Series

The Japanese publisher Kodansha has announced on Monday that Aya Tsuge's My Name is Noda. (Noda to Mōshimasu.) manga is being adapted into a live-action television mini-series next month. The story follows the "wonderfully simple life" of a female college student named Noda. Noda goes through most days with jeans and sweatshirts and with no makeup as a freshman studying Russian literature in the fictional Tokyo Heisei University.

The three five-minute episodes will air on the public broadcaster NHK's 1seg 2 digital channel on Saturday afternoons from June 5 to June 19. The original manga runs in Kodansha's Kiss and Kiss Plus women's manga magazines.

source: ANN