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Oguri Shun & Yamada Yu back from Hawaii~

Oguri Shun (27) and Yamada Yu (25) arrived back in Japan on 11th January after their Hawaii trip. A crowd of about 40 reporters from the media were waiting at the arrival gate for their Japan Airlines flight from Honolulu.

When the reporters questioned Oguri if it was a trip before marriage when they left on the 4th, he replied that they had just happened to be together. At that time, they boarded the plane at different times. This time too, they appeared separately. Oguri came out first, with a cap on and talking on his mobile. A few minutes later, Yamada appeared with sunglasses on, accompanied by model Hasegawa Jun (23).

If the ring finger she was hiding before their departure was conspicuous, this time she was holding on to two passports.
Oguri's signature could clearly be seen on one of the declaration forms tucked between the passports. Asked if the trip was fun, Yamada answered "Yes" with a smile and hurried on to luggage inspection. The declaration forms must be presented before being allowed back in to the country and from the restricted area, the press watched as Yamada caught up with Oguri and handed the documents to him.

After that, they appeared at the arrival lobby separately again. Pushing a luggage trolley filled with what looked like Yamada's luggage as well, which includes a pink golf bag and shopping bags, Oguri's reply to reporters asking about their relationship was "Not really." Yamada left the airport with Hasegawa, carrying handbags.


few more pics @ source

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