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Aya Ueto, Aya Sugimoto, other celebs join campaign to lower CO2 emissions

Actresses Aya Ueto, 24, and Aya Sugimoto, 41, actor Yuzo Kayama, 62, and Japan’s national soccer team coach Takeshi Okada, 53, were among the celebrities to join Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, 62, at his official residence this week for an event held to launch “Challenge 25” - a campaign aimed at encouraging individuals to increase their efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Hatoyama said that while the business world was striving to meet the 2020 target of 25% reduced emissions compared to the 1990 level, individuals had to realize the impact they have and urged them to consider how they could start cutting it down.

Kayama said that he wasn’t doing anything “eco” yet, and that he thought many others were in a similar position. Ueto, who looked sensational in her floral green kimono, also pledged to start making a bigger effort.

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Source: JapanToday
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