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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge interview with Kato Seishiro

Q: What were the directions for you to play Takeru?
A: I'm supposed to be knowledgeable and adult-like. Trying to be like an adult is difficult, but I'm having fun acting it out. I'm doing my best!

Q: Filming together in many scenes, what do you think of Kamenashi-kun?
A: He's very kind. During filming intervals, we talk about baseball because both of us are interested in it. We play guessing games like "Who's swing is this?" and make comments such as "○○ player, is amazing ne."

Q: What's it like having Takashima Reiko-san playing the role of Mother?
A: This is my 4th time filming together with Takashima-san, it's really fun. I was very happy when I heard that she was going to be in that role.

Q: Sunako hates her face and hides it. Seishiro-kun, is there anything that you don't like about yourself?
A: Mm. That's a secret [laugh].

Q: Seishiro-kun, what do you want to do your best in from now on?
A: I'll do my best both in work and in my studies.

Q: Seishiro-kun, what type of person do you want to be?
A: I want to be the kind and cool older brother.

Q: Lastly, a message to the viewers please.
A: 'Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge' is an extremely interesting drama, so you must watch it please. Everything is amusing!!!

*if interested in reading the other volumes for the Yamanade drama you can find them: HERE (@ unleash)

Source: UnleashTheGeek
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