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Japan's 1st Boys-Love Bar to Open in Tokyo's Akihabara

KT Systems has announced that it will open what it describes as Japan's first boys-love bar in Tokyo's Akihabara otaku shopping district on May 30. According to KT Systems, the MiracleJumP bar will have both "two-dimensional" staff members (in the form of dōjinshi characters) and living boys-love staff members.

KT Systems emphasizes that the bar will be different from the gay bars and host clubs that already exist in Japan. In host clubs, male staff members attend to their mostly female clientele with drinks and conversation. (There are also dansō clubs in which the female waiting staff members dress as men.) MiracleJumP's staff members will cater to both fujoshi (boys-love otaku) and beginning boys-love fans by recreating boys-love "fantasies" for them.

KT Systems already operates a 120-seat bar called "LittleBSD," which it describes as Akihabara's largest cosplay bar. 

source: Ann
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