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Aoi Yuu in 3D and pop-ups

Aoi Yuu's unique exhibition "Aoi Yuu Uso." (— Lie.) is about to start this Thursday at the Shibuya Parco Factory in Tokyo and visitors will also be able to buy her not less unique book "Uso." before it actually goes on sale.

Now what's so unique about all this? The exhibition actually requires 3D glasses in order to be fully able to enjoy the pictures on display. The book goes along with the theme, but in a more classic way with pop-up pictures. Today the exhibition was open for reporters and Aoi also promoted the book. "It was made with the idea of feeling more loose rather than stoic. I like everything analog and it's exactly that analog feeling we were aiming for." She described the works.

The book is just as easy-going as the pictures in display. Throughout the 16 pages (6 pop-up images) you will be able to see her blowing soap bubbles or just lazing around with animals. All the pictures and the pop-up element are supposed to make the viewers react like "Uso deshou?" (No way!?). "I don't really like to lie and usually start to laugh within 10 minutes. However, I have no problem to use lies when it's part of the work like this time." Aoi bashfully talked about the theme of the exhibition and the book.

Her 3D images will be on display in Tokyo until June 14. After that it will travel to Nagoya and Fukuoka.

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sources: kawaii-joyuu
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