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Reunion festival celebrates release of new Tetsuya Nakashima film

To celebrate the upcoming opening of the Tetsuya Nakashima film “Kokuhaku,” starring Takako Matsu, a movie festival was held recently to screen Nakashima’s other works.

On hand were actresses Kyoko Fukada, 27, and Anna Tsuchiya, 26, who appeared in the film “Kamikaze Girls,” and Miki Nakatani, 34, of “Memories of Matsuko.”

Fukada joked about the filming of “Kamikaze,” saying, “The director was always getting angry, Anna would suddenly get pissed off. It was really rough.” Tsuchiya commented critically about “Kokuhaku,” a film about juvenile delinquency, saying, “The film is really dark and completely different from Nakashima’s past works.”

“Kokuhaku” opens June 5. 

source: JapanToday
Tags: actress, fukada kyoko, movie, promotion, singer: tsuchiya anna
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