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Hirosue, Nagase co-star in "24 Hour Television" drama special

The drama special for this year's "24 Hour Television" telethon has been revealed. The drama is titled "Miporin no Ekubo" and will star Ryoko Hirosue (29) with TOKIO's Tomoya Nagase (31).

Hirosue and Nagase will play a married couple in this tearjerker, based on a true story of two parents who are told that their daughter Miho (played by Manatsu Kimura) has one year left to live due to a brain tumor. The drama depicts the family's remaining time together, including the 359 letters that Miho drew before her death.

NTV will air the drama on the night of August 28. The "24 Hour Television" program will start earlier that day.

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