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D-BOYS to hold a show on Ameba!

Guess who are the next artists to hold an event on Ameba. It’s D-BOYS!

D-BOYS is a young male actors group under the management of Watanabe Entertainment. The D in the group’s name stands for “Drama” (acting work), “Dream”, “Debut”, “Discovery” and “Development”.

Yoyogi Park area aka D-boys square was opened today.This event is actually a show to support the viewers dreams. After the show airs, D-BOYS staff may come to visit someone in the square.



Broadcast date:

From 4th July 2010, every Sunday at 24:35 – (Kanto Local) on TV Tokyo

Also, those are the avatars of the boys (only for of them)

Source: Ameba staff blog

Eng translaton: Akiio @renssite.com

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