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Goto Maki’s confession on Kin-suma

Ex-Morning Musume member, Goto Maki, made an appearance on “Kinyoubi no sumatachi he” (TBS) which was broadcasted on the 23rd, with the title of “Goto Maki, 24 years old’s confession”, where she talked about her stormy life.

Maki lost her father when she was in 5th grade due to an accidental fall at a mountain. Her mother worked hard and raised 4 kids by herself, however, her mother eventually developed liver problems and also suffered from a stroke. When her brother, Yuki (Ex-EE JUMP member) got arrested due to theft, Maki’s mother’s health condition got even worse, so Maki decided to retire from the entertainment industry.

Maki’s mother however, stopped her from retiring by saying, “I want to see you on the stage before I die.” After that, Maki transferred to Avex, and made plans to release a new single. One day before Maki’s mother died, Maki’s manager told her mother that her new single would be released in spring, she said,”I can’t wait so long since I don’t have much time left.”

January 23rd was the day of Maki’s mother’s tragic death. Maki had the day off and her mother had come back home, her mother went into her brother’s room and sat in front of the window, looking outside. Maki went to answer a phone call and when she looked back at her mother, her mother had fallen out of the window.

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