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AKB48’s agency is mad at breast mouse pads

There are AKB48 members mouse pads in which their breast parts are popping out, and they are extremely popular among “maniac” fans of AKB48. However, the mouse pad are not official goods, and they were made without any permission from the agency.

“The mouse pad is ideal for the crazy fans, so it was all sold out. I saw it selling on a net auction for 20,000 yen one time,” an AKB48 mania fan said.

According to Yukan Fuji, the mouse pads were made in China, and the manufacturer told Yukan Fuji that the “copyright” issue is all clear. However, AKB48′ s agency, AKS commented, “We were not privy to this mouse pad at all. The pictures used for the mouse pads were from DVDs, or sneakshots, so we are very upset about this. We have decided to bring this to legislative measures.”

more pics of mousepad @ source

Tags: group/band, group: akb48/ske48/sdn48, idol/talento
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