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Miyazaki Aoi to join the CM for “UNO FOG BAR”

A popular CM for “UNO FOG BAR” (hairstyling product), in which Eita, Oguri Shun, Tsumabuki Satoshi, and Miura Haruma star, will be renewed, and it will be adding Miyazaki Aoi with those four guys.

There will be three new CMs: a “RUN” version and a “FOG BARBER styling” version will start airing on August 27th, and the “FOG BAR for women” version, where Aoi join the guys, will start on September 24th.

You can check out the new CM on Shiseido’s official site starting on the 27th.

click to enlrage

source: TOKYOHIVE( few more pics there)
Tags: actor, actress, commercial, eita, miura haruma, miyazaki aoi, oguri shun, promotion
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